Instagram Shopping: Instructions for use

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How many hours of our time do we spend every day on Instagram, scrolling through the photos of our favorite brands? With the hectic life that we are leading to, we often only have a little time to check the new collections, finding among the recent posts a product that we would like to add to our wardrobe (even if the closet is full, there’s always a tiny space more!).

And what if we could buy the article directly from the post, without wasting precious time?

Since a couple of months it can be done! Introduced in the United States last year, the shopping feature finally touched Europe too, but…


The brand has to own a catalog of the articles on its Facebook page and a business account. Then the brand create a post, upload the image, add a shopping tag to the post, activating the possibility of additional information.
With a tap on the image you will see a first vignette with basic information – name, price; a second click will open the description of the product and the Buy Now link to finalize the purchase on the brand website.

The shopping on Instagram solves one of the most complicated challenges to improve the performance of e-commerces: the simplification of the purchase.

The Shopping function is an important innovation both for those who buy online using the smartphone, and for the brands themselves, which can, through their channel tickle the audience to an immediate and loyal business. Moreover, passing through the brand profile, the Instagrammers will be able to create a bond of trust with the brand.

Good shopping or better… happy sale!?

@timesreel Instagram profile as reference

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Instagram Shopping: Instructions for use