Bespoke Dainty Jewelry by Time’s Reel

Time’s Reel is about bespoke dainty jewelry.
Things you don’t find every day.

By connecting with various sources of inspiration, Time’s Reel brings you classic handcrafted jewelries that are truly unique and timeless. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted with so much love and affection to be worthy of your attention.

Time’s Reel collections of jewelries offers exquisite decorative items, lovingly handcrafted from various materials to create an elaborate diverse necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings

Time’s Reel strive to create pieces that are simple but yet fascinating and will stand the test of time. Jewelry is known to create a sense of awareness and offer a distinction from a large crowd but handcrafted jewelry particularly breathes character and life into any piece. To this end, they create pieces that beckon to be worn.

The purpose is to make the moment you receive your package magical, memorable, and dreamy. Rest assured that Time’s Reel takes care of the quality of each our products. As a unique brand, there’s something special for every package delivered! You’d be surprised to see what Time’s Reel has for you. 🙂


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Bespoke Dainty Jewelry by Time’s Reel