Evenings in Miami 🏝

Evenings in Miami 🏝

Back on Instagram with this wonderful Miami view 🏝

Back on Instagram with this...

#ad For years I've been trying to use products with no sulfates and parabens - @HerbalEssences finally launched sulfate-free collections! Their bio:renew collections are endorsed by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew for its blend of real botanicals. Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate Free Shampoo gently cleanses while providing hydration, leaving hair soft and smooth and is EWG VERIFIED™! The Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate Free Conditioner quenches thirsty hair with a blend of conditioning agents to restore natural softness for smooth, nourished hair. And what about the fragrance? I'm in LOVE! #HerbalEssencesxKew #BotanicalShampoo #BotanicalConditioner

#ad For years I've been...

I've been in New York for almost two months and it seems like three days!
I spent my first period in this room, waited on hand and foot, and it was too perfect not to share it with you; today I woke up at 5 am (why?!😫) but at least I have found some time to write a couple of words about this episode - long story short: I found the perfect room a couple of days before coming to NYC. 4 minutes walk to the office. Two huge windows that made it very bright, with various hooks to hang the plants from the ceiling, and the size of a studio. Everything was perfect, I had seen it both in video and, a few days later, in person. I will never know if they were trying to cheat me, or if they simply don’t know anything about contracts, but they tried to get me to sign two crappy lines and to send the money before signing the contract... This is why I lived in the hotel for much longer than expected - that should have been three days!
Can’t complain: since July I had found a building where I absolutely wanted to stay ...and here we are! I'm putting the finishing touches - can’t wait to show you how it came out 🥰The best is yet to come! ✨ | 🇮🇹 Sono a New York da quasi due mesi e sembrano tre giorni
Ho passato il mio primo mese in questa camera viziata e riverita ergo era troppo perfetta per non condividerla con voi e beh, dovevo svegliarmi alle 5 del mattino (a caso😫) per trovare del tempo per raccontare questo episodio - avevo trovato la camera perfetta. 4 minuti a piedi per l’ufficio. Due finestre che la rendevano luminosissima, con vari ganci per appendere le piante dal soffitto, con le dimensioni di un monolocale. Era tutto perfetto, l’avevo vista sia in video che, pochi giorni dopo, dal vivo. Non saprò mai se stavano cercando di raggirarmi o se semplicemente non sanno niente di contratti ma l’han tentata, di farmi firmare due righe scrause e di ricevere prima i soldi del contratto... Da qui il ritrovarmi in hotel per ben più del previsto - che sarebbero dovuti essere tre giorni!
Poco male: già da luglio avevo trovato un palazzo dove volevo assolutamente stare ...ed eccoci qui! Sto finendo gli ultimi ritocchi - non vedo l’ora di farvi vedere com’è uscita 🥰 | #nyc

I've been in New York...

We all have the power to create positive change - so let’s shake things up: today is the @UnitedNations International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation and I’m joining the movement of @amrefhealthafrica to say #NOMOREPAIN!
In case you’re wondering what Female Genital Mutilation is: a partial or total removal of the little girls’ external genitalia. For no apparent medical reason at all, 200 million girls and women across 30 countries have been circumcised. In Africa, 3 million girls face the risk of female genital cutting every year. So far this movement has saved more than 16,000 girls in Kenya and Tanzania from the cut - which is more than wonderful! These girls will continue going to school, will marry at a later age and will get children at a later age.
Every person has the rights to live the life of her dreams.
Please note that this is not a sponsored post - as human beings, we have to create awareness and support who can’t scream for themselves!
#amref #EndFGM

We all have the power...

We can be
Unhappy (pretty straightforward)
Happy for a bad reason (alcohol, drugs, excesses…)
Happy for a good reason (success in your career, good relationships with family and friends, financial security…)
Happy for no reason - where we live FROM happiness rather than FOR it
Feed your right wolfFELICITÀ
Noi possiamo essere
Infelici (in modo semplice)
Felici per una cattiva ragione (alcol, droghe, eccessi...)
Felice per una buona ragione (successo nella carriera, buoni rapporti con familiari e amici, sicurezza finanziaria ..)
Felici senza ragione - dove viviamo DI felicità piuttosto che PER essa
Dai da mangiare al tuo lupo giusto#nyc #nycityworld #flatironbuilding #nycgo #nyconlinePhoto by @veronicaminci ❣️

HAPPINESS We can be Unhappy...

In New York it seems like there's no Monday or Saturday or Sunday. The town is always moving.
I took this one as first thing my first day here so three weeks after it’s definitely time to post it
#nycityworld #nyconline #nyc #empirestatebldg

In New York it seems...

Baby it’s cold outside ❄️ or...no! I was expecting the deepest glaciers here in NYC but let me tell you that until now Brescia is still the coldest city I’ve ever been (yes Italy can be freezing too!) including Ukraine and now New York!
Can’t wait to share all my new photos and adventures from the US ♥️✨ #LosingIt #CultOfficial
On my feet - @cultofficial1987 @pilassociati
Teddy coat - @sheinofficial 🔎 579693 #shein
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🇮🇹 Baby it’s cold outside ❄️ oppure...no! Mi aspettavo il gelo polare a New York, ma lasciatemi che fino ad ora Brescia d’inverno è ancora la città più fredda in cui sia mai stata (sì, anche l'Italia può essere gelida!), includendo l'Ucraina e ora New York!
Non vedo l'ora di condividere le nuove foto e avventure negli Stati Uniti ♥️✨

Baby it’s cold outside ❄️...

🇬🇧 I love my friends, travels, working and be always “on the go”... but at some point I need to get away from chaos 🙄 I love spending a bit of holidays at home and relax - even if this means I’m hiding from the world, with my fave kittycat Mars, watching your new favorite show, @jackryanamazon! Yes… you’ll thank me later. 😜 #hbtsp #hbtjackryan #holidayhack #jackryan #ad | 🇮🇹 Adoro i miei amici, i viaggi, lavorare e anche essere sempre di corsa... ma a un certo punto anche io mi sento in bisogno di staccare dal caos 🙄 amo sempre trascorrere un po’ di vacanze a casa e rilassarmi - anche se questo significa che mi sto nascondendo dal mondo, col mio gattino preferito Mars, a guardare la tua nuova serie preferita, @jackryanamazon! Sì... mi ringrazierai più tardi 😜

🇬🇧 I love my friends,...

🇮🇹 Un'escursione nel passato e nel presente del Mediterraneo grazie a questa candela #Aerin dal mix di sapori - la mia perfetta compagna per i pomeriggi alla scrivania a creare. Il Bergamotto Italiano, cresciuto nel calore di quest'area, apre la fragranza con una radiosità sofisticata e agrumata. L'Olio di Mandarino e il Pompelmo conferiscono una frizzante effervescenza che irradia brillantezza. L'impalpabile femminilità del Mughetto cresce oltre la ricca voluttuosità della Gardenia, mentre boccioli di Caprifoglio luccicano di uno splendore dolce. Un'elegante sensualità caratterizza le note di fondo che trova la sua origine nella fiabesca ricchezza dell'Assoluta di Gelsomino. La fragranza è magica ed elegante come la sua ispirazione. | 🇬🇧 An excursion into the past and present of the Mediterranean thanks to this #Aerin candle and its mix of flavors - my perfect companion for the afternoons at the desk while I create. Escape to the sun-drenched, azure-blue Mediterranean. Sweet honeysuckle and sparkling grapefruit evoke lush flowers and shimmering beaches. Sun-warmed and citrusy Italian bergamot and mandarin oil impart a lasting freshness. Lily of the valley and lush gardenia build to the sensuality and richness of jasmine sambac absolute for a fragrance as magical and elegant as its inspiration. #octolyfamily

🇮🇹 Un'escursione nel passato e...

Master Flatlay Photos in 6 Easy Steps

Do what you love.


Today I want to share with you a couple tips for better flatlay photos! Not sure what a flatlay is? Really simply, it’s a birds-eye-view or overhead photo. Usually of things like food, fashion, tech, or desktop accessories. These types of images have become really popular lately thanks to fashion and lifestyle bloggers on Instagram. Flatlay photos are really fun to create! Creating flatlays in various color schemes and themes is perfect for social media, but also for websites and marketing campaigns.Flatlays can also have negative space for writing text, or include tech, such as iPads or iPhones to use for mockups.

1. Lighting


Always try to use natural light if possible. Ideally, you want soft diffused light that’s streaming evenly through your window. Take some time to find out what times of day have the best light in your home. Also make note of which rooms get the best light so that you can find a good spot to shoot, as close to a window as possible.

The most light isn’t always the best light. You don’t want harsh sunlight because it will cause a lot of shadows on your subjects (props). You should also aim for even light rather than more light. Watch out for shadows caused by blinds or other objects.

Even if you have to move your set-up to a less lit area that has more even light, this will generally be better than really bright light with lots of shadows.



2. Background

Keeping your background simple is generally the easiest way to help your props stand out. Stay away from busy patterned backgrounds if you’ew new, and stick with plain white or colored backgrounds. You could also try marble or tile as long as the grain is quite simple and not too distracting.

For the setup, again, keep it simple. Place your background on the floor or table next to the window. Place another (white) board opposite the window to reflect the light and diffuse shadows. That’s it!

Backgrounds don’t have to be expensive. Go to your nearest dollar store, craft, or office supply store and pick up white foam board or poster board. I use a wooden panel, placed next to my window, and pick a time where the light from outside is soft, so that I can have even light spread across my board. You can also use colored boards/paper, or even plain colored wrapping paper. Marble contact paper can also be an option if you don’t have a marble table.



3.  Camera

The best camera is the one you know how to use. You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive camera just right when you start.

Since phone cameras have come a long way, and you’re more likely to have it on hand, I recommend learning how to use your phone camera for your Instagram photography. If you’re shooting images for social media (i.e. won’t need a large format, as a website header) your phone should be fine.

Hold your camera parallel to the floor. With an overhead shot you don’t want your camera on an angle. This can take a little practice so take a few shots!



4. Props

Gathering props is the fun part! Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy a bunch or break the bank. Start by looking around your office, closet, kitchen and the rest of your house to see what you can gather.

Now, that said, taking an effective photo isn’t just about laying down a bunch of pretty things — there is a bit of strategy involved too!

Your visuals should always support your brand and help you to tell a story & connect with your audience.

So how exactly do you do that?

  • Write down some keywords that describe your brand. Focus on the feelings you want to evoke when people interact with your brand. For example, if keywords are modern, luxurious and stylish, look for props that help me evoke that feeling, such as gold office accessories, black and white prints, high-end jewellery and makeup, fancy desserts, and exotic flowers.
    Take the images on a simple white background or maybe a marble background, and would keep the styling & props minimal to evoke that modern feeling.
    Those props are going to look a lot different than if keywords were fun, flirty, fresh. In this case, I would probably use colored backgrounds, likely in pink for that flirty feel. I would use cute plants, flowers, and fruit for the fresh feel.
    I’d also do stacks of sprinkle donuts, and bright colored drinks. When you write down your keywords, close your eyes and think about the images that come to mind when you think of those words. What do you see? What colors? Where are you? What’s the mood?
  • Choose a theme for your photo or set of photos. This could be something like:
    a day in the life
    how to stay organized
    healthy living
    what’s in my bag
    For each shoot try to stick to one theme so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Using the theme, you’ll create several different shots/layouts so that you can maximize your efforts. We’ll talk more about this in the Styling section.
  • Collect a variety of props that work within your theme. Look for props that work with your brand colors and with the theme you want to create in your visuals. I generally start by gathering a few of the basics like florals, food, clothing, accessories, stationery, and tech. From there, I’ll look for additional props that support my theme and color scheme and use them as fillers.











5.  Styling

Styling can really be a challenge, so be prepared to practice this a lot!

Look at some of your favorite Instagrammers for inspiration, but don’t copy exactly what they’re doing. Instead, ask yourself why you’re drawn to a specific photo. Is it the props they used? Is it the colors? Is it the way everything is laid out? Is it because there’s a lot of white space?

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to styling and it’s going to take you a little while to figure out your unique take, don’t be afraid to play! Take photos as you move props so you can start seeing what’s working and what’s not.

Step 1 – Start by placing your hero object first. This is going to be the main object you want to highlight. If you sell your own products, then this will be your product. If you’re doing a sponsored post, then make the item you’re reviewing the hero.
Sometimes you don’t have a specific hero item and that’s OK, just put down your largest item first.

Step 2 – Place your slightly smaller objects. Have two or three slightly smaller object than the hero and place them on your board.

Step 3 – Place your smallest objects last to fill the space.

Step 4 – Arrange your props in a way that creates balance. Think about how the sizes and shapes work together. Move things around on your board until you like what you see and then take a photo.

Step 5 – Move the props around again and create a new scene. Try taking out some props and take another photo. Add some more props and snap again.

I usually start by taking the first photo with just my hero item, then I add in one or two more items and take a snap. Then I add in my smaller “filler” items and snap again. Finally I rearrange everything that’s on the board and style with different layouts.



6. Editing

There are tons of great editing apps out there, here are a few of my favs:

A Color Story

Each of these apps has it’s pros and cons, so really you have to try them out to see which ones you like best. If you’ve followed the steps above, your editing should be pretty easy.

I always adjust the exposure for brighter/lighter images. Sometimes, I bump up the shadows to get rid of any unwanted dark spots. You can also bring down the saturation a bit if you like cooler photos.

Go ahead and give shooting and styling your own photos a try! You might find out that you love the process, and you may discover that you’d rather not be taking photos yourself.



A few more tips:

Use groups of 3 or 5 as uneven numbers are more pleasing to the eye.

If you’re shooting for Instagram, shoot in square mode on your phone so you can see exactly how the objects look w hen cropped into a square.

Taller items will cast larger shadows and can dwarf other items, so try to keep things around the same height. For example, if you’re using flowers, use a really short vase or lay the flowers flat.

If you’re planning on adding text, leave white space (i.e. don’t place props) either at the top, the bottom, or in the middle of the board.

If you have really large items, try placing them on the edge of the board so that some of the large item is being cut off, this will make things look more proportionate



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Master Flatlay Photos in 6 Easy Steps