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Instagram Shopping: Instructions for use


How many hours of our time do we spend every day on Instagram, scrolling through the photos of our favorite brands? With the hectic life that we are leading to, we often only have a little time to check the new collections, finding among the recent posts a product that we would like to add to our wardrobe (even if the closet is full, .

Bespoke Dainty Jewelry by Time’s Reel


Time’s Reel is about bespoke dainty jewelry. Things you don’t find every day. By connecting with various sources of inspiration, Time’s Reel brings you classic .

Ideal Resource Overnight Cream by Darphin


Who would not want to wake up in Paris? With this night cream Ideal Resource from Darphin you can get a similar feeling, since it transforms the skin during your sleep, making it .

Master Flatlay Photos in 6 Easy Steps


Today I want to share with you a couple tips for better flatlay photos! Not sure what a flatlay is? Really simply, it’s a birds-eye-view or overhead photo. Usually of things like food, .

birthday girl!


Move over tea, today is a job for champagne – MY BIRTHDAY! 💞